The Emirate of Dubai is the ideal mix of traditional culture and modern luxuries that much exceeds the needs of the traveller; amazing shopping, a vibrant nightlife and some of Dubai’s most renowned luxury hotels in the world make this city a prominent tourist destination every year for several people. Not only tourists, but many people come here to make their living better and lavish, but there are also hundreds of properties being built and sold every year like the District One Dubai Villas for sale is quite a good opportunity nowadays in the city.

Although luxury for different people means different things, there is a clear distinction between what many hospitality professionals refer to as ‘mass wealth’ and ‘luxurious.’ Where the former typically provides everything the word ‘luxury’ brings to mind, like fine dining, uniquely crafted interiors and excellent services, it sometimes relates to a passion and a personal touch that cannot be standardized or produced in large quantities.

True luxury brands are not entirely consistent or even perfect but are unique to the individual, with the importance put on ‘the touch of hand’. Many service experts, who rate luxury hotels say that in addition to desired comforts, the attitude, actions and temperament of hotel staff and management is the secret to making guests feel unique.

Our choices for Dubai’s top luxury hotels are gauged by excellent locations, beautiful interiors and decorations, a variety of outstanding dining and shopping options, efficient service and a great staff that go beyond the call of responsibility to keep that guest have a very pleasant experience at their hotel.


This sail-shaped symbol of Dubai epitomises Arabian hospitality. While in every way, this seven-star hotel is beautiful, it is the service and facilities that set it out in a category of its own. Guests will take advantage of a helicopter ride from the airport to the rooftop helipad, located about 200 meters above sea level. An optional valet driven Rolls-Royce for guests is also available at the hotel. All 202 luxury suites are two-storey suites with a staircase and a host of hot and secure personal butlers. The Burj-Al-Arab also offers guests a range of dining options from eight world-class restaurants and bars, two indoor and two outdoor swimming pools, in addition to the beautiful accommodation.


The Armani Hotel was designed and built by Giorgio Armani and is a sleek and classy mix of the outstanding style of the designer in a unique environment. Located in the tallest building in the world, each feature of the hotel represents the personal taste of the designer, from the elegant stone floors to the zebra wood panelling and customized furnishings.

The hotel does have its specific entry to the tower and covers the floors of the famous tower from the bottom of the concourse to Level 8 and Levels 38 and 39. The hotel offers a range of signature Armani suites, eight exclusive dining options with cuisines from all over the world, a range of carefully chosen items from the designer from his outlets.


Atlantis is built on the world-renowned Palm Islands, surrounded by the magnificent Arabian Gulf, a crowning glory emerging from the shores of the world’s largest man-made islands. The Atlantis, popular with guests and tourists for its salt and freshwater attractions, Amid tropical scenery overlooking the serene waters of the Arabian Gulf, complemented by a broad choice of over 16 restaurants, bars, lounges and cafes.

This perfect luxury resort offers visitors many ocean-themed delights, like Aquaventure, the Ambassador Lagoon, a marine sanctuary that is home to many different species of aquatic animals, a water playground with thrilling rides, and the Dolphin Bay, a dolphin education and conservation centre that provides visitors with the opportunity to chat and learn about these fabulous creatures.


The Royal Mirage offers the finest in supreme luxury, consisting of three distinct areas, The Castle, The Arabian Court and the Residence & Spa. It offers guests a choice of 231 rooms, of which 35 are suites, all facing the sea with private balconies of their own.

These hotels are just a few, you can find plenty of such kinds in the city. The new projects in the city are coming with more surprises like the Port De La Mer apartments for sale have caught the eyes of the giants of real estate in Dubai. These hotels might cost you a bit much but the experience is worth it.